While 2020 was a year that caused a lot of businesses to pivot due to numerous world events that occurred, it was also a great learning experience and a time for small businesses and marketing professionals to get creative. Many 2021 social media trends are continuing on that creative path for businesses to find new ways to gain loyal customers. 

2021 Social Media Trends

  • Use social media for short-term ROI while also creating a unique digital experience to create long-term customers. Quality content is and always will be king. Make sure you are standing out from your competitors by creating high-quality, valuable content for your target audience.  
  • Encourage your social media followers to create their own content. User-generated content (UGC) generates 28% more engagement than standard brand content (Source: Hubspot). 
  • Personalization is still key. This was a 2020 social media trend that will continue for a long time. Target your advertising to your audience. Luckily platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer great demographic and customization options to make sure your content is being seen by the right people. 
  • One of the newer trends for 2021 is socially conscious marketing. Consumers want your business to join the conversation on issues that are important to them. If your business is environmentally friendly or focuses on mental health, make sure to highlight that in your marketing and PR. 
  • Make sure you are being conversational with your marketing. Encourage conversations among your audience by asking questions. Respond to all comments and messages. Your social media platforms are also a place where consumers go for customer service, so make sure your business pages are set up properly for this by utilizing automatic replies for frequently asked questions

More Social Media Trends

  • After the year we all just endured, nostalgia is very big right now. Tap into this trend while planning your content. Even being nostalgic about the good old days of 2019 is enough to get people’s attention! 
  • Memes are very popular on social media among younger demographics. Consider creating some clever memes that are easy to share while still promoting your business. Something to keep in mind – make sure you are not inadvertently using something that is considered inappropriate or insensitive. 
  • Gaming has continued to grow in popularity, especially due to the lockdown. Make your content more interactive and entertaining. It can be as simple as adding in quizzes or polls to your content for your audience to participate in. This is also a great way to find out what your audience likes and cater to your social media content. 
  • Over the past few years, video has risen in popularity on social media. It’s important to include short video clips, like behind-the-scenes or Q&A. Platforms like TikTok have exploded in popularity, and Instagram came out with their own version called Reels. These short videos are a great way to promote your business in a quick video snippet. You may also want to consider going live on your social media platforms as live video is another rising trend for 2021. 
  • For those businesses that sell physical products, social shopping is looking to grow in popularity in 2021. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest offer great options for selling directly through your social media posts so make sure you are taking advantage of this. 

When you are working on your marketing plan, these are some 2021 social media trends you will definitely want to keep in mind. There has also been a lot of backlash against the big social media companies due to disinformation and privacy concerns. Make sure you are also growing your email list and keeping your website up-to-date as well for those consumers who may be taking a break from Facebook and Instagram. 

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