I often get asked by business owners and other professionals if they should have a business page on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or other platforms, versus using a personal profile or just sharing on their own profile. The quick answer is: YES! There are many benefits to having a business page that you simply cannot take advantage of otherwise! Today, I’m going to share three benefits of business pages and why you should have one for your business.

Three Benefits of Business Pages on Social Media

  1. Increased Exposure

Did you know there are over 2 billion social media users today? Now, compare that to your friends list on your personal profile. There is no way for you to reach or your content to be seen by those billions of other people if you’re simply sharing from your personal profile. Plus, your business’ followers are more likely to share your page and updates of your business page versus a personal page.

You can also choose a target audience based on your ideal customer demographics. From there, you can create ads, host giveaways, garner reviews, and more to increase your exposure – and you simply can’t do this from a personal page.

  1. Boost Website Traffic

There are places throughout your page where you can place links back to your website (note: this does not necessarily apply to Instagram). A lot of people use social media as their search engine today instead of Google. For instance, when someone recommends a brand or company to me, I often search for them on Facebook or Instagram first – before ever searching for their website. While you can share a lot about your products and services on social media, your website has the best and most information about you.

Some common places to include a link to your website are in the “about” tab, your “call to action,” and even your posts! This encourages followers to check out your website, which will lead to brand awareness, more sales, and in turn growth for your business! Social media referral traffic is one of the top three website traffic sources for my clients (including myself!).

  1. Take Advantage of Insights

Each social platform offers insights into business pages. These insights (or metrics or analytics – whatever you would like to call them) tell you valuable information about your social media followers, the content you’re posting, and your overall usage of the platform. Some of the highlights include: how many followers you have, when your followers are online, who you’re reaching, and what your follower engagement is. (For more details, here’s a blog about Facebook insights you should track).

Each of these insights is extremely helpful and valuable to you as you create and execute your social media and digital marketing strategy. With other marketing and advertising channels, you don’t get insights like this!

BUT – you can’t take advantage of any of these benefits if you don’t have a business page! If you’re curious about more benefits, questioning if social media would really be good for your business, or want to create a business page but don’t know where to start or what to post, let’s chat!

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