In our digital world, we all receive marketing emails on the daily. Sometimes, we receive what feels like hundreds of them. Regardless of how you feel about email marketing, chances are that you have purchased a product or made a decision about a company based on the marketing emails that you have received.

Maybe you’re not sure if you should implement an email marketing campaign? Maybe you think it won’t benefit your business? Today, I’m sharing 5 benefits of email marketing for your business!

5 Benefits of Email Marketing for Your Business

  1. Email Marketing is Cost Effective.
    There are various applications and websites that you can use for your email marketing, such as MailChimp and ConstantContact and more. Many of these sites allow you to have a large number of subscribers and to use their service at no cost. Sometimes they limit special features, but chances are you won’t need to be using those features when just starting your email marketing campaign. Compare this free service to the cost of sending mailers, advertisements on TV, and other traditional media and the savings are undeniable.
  2. Email Marketing is Targeted.
    Most of the time, the subscribers that you have are either present, past, or potential customers and willingly provide their email address. This means that they want to hear from you and they are part of your target market since they are showing interest in your services or products! You won’t be spending time and money on other marketing campaigns with no control or knowledge of who will see it!
  3. Email Marketing Increases Brand Awareness.
    Every time that you send an email, your customers or potential customers are exposed to your brand. By frequently sending an email to your customers, you are staying in the front of their mind for your services and products. This also allows you to re-market to customers as well. For instance, maybe you’re a window replacement company, but you also offer repair. You are able to build this brand awareness through email marketing.
  4. Email Marketing is Shareable.
    If you receive an email from a company and they have a great product or savings that they’re offering, wouldn’t you share that with your friends and family? I know that I’ve done this myself! An email is super easy to just forward to friends or even share on social media. On the contrary, rarely have I saved a printed item, such as a coupon or flyer, and passed it on.
  5. Email Marketing is Measurable.
    Many of the email marketing applications have built-in analytical tracking. These analytics will show you who opened your email, when they opened it, what they clicked on in the email, if they made a purchase or contacted you, and more. Compare that with a random ad placed somewhere, where you then rely on a customer to tell you where they found out about you (if they even remember!). So, not only are the analytics measurable, but so is the ROI (return on investment).

It may seem a little daunting at first, but there’s no denying that your business or organization will benefit from an email marketing campaign. If you have any questions or need help getting started, let’s chat!

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