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Am I Trending Yet? Influencer Marketing Trends of 2024


Since its conception in the early 2000s Influencer Marketing has claimed its stake in the marketing world as one of the top marketing tactics. It continues to shine as a dynamic and rapidly evolving field, adapting to changes in consumer behavior, technology, and social media platforms.

As it continues to evolve and change alongside us, what can we expect from Influencer Marketing in 2024?

Rise of Micro-Influencers 

Micro-influencers continue to be the stars of the show. This is largely due to their effectiveness in niche markets. Brands are choosing engaged micro-influencers to promote their products. They believe these influencers’ authentic and relatable content will better connect with their audience. This scenario underscores a unique case where bigger doesn’t necessarily equate to better results.

Video Dominance

As we have continued to see in the past few years, video content reigns supreme.  Since the pandemic and the rise of TikTok, short-form videos have become the prevalent request and deliverable of creators engaged in campaigns. Videos have proven to yield higher engagement, foster stronger connections, and generate more clicks, which is crucial to brands.

Authenticity and Transparency

The percentage of followers who prefer to follow a creator who is perceived as authentic can vary, and there isn’t a specific universal figure. However, studies and observations suggest that authenticity is a key factor influencing audience engagement.  The more a creator harbors a community filled with trust, honesty, and transparency, the more a brand is drawn to work with them. When consumers make buying decisions, they will always return to a brand/business/creator they can trust, and it is important for brands to align with creators who feel strongly about that. 

Long-Term Partnerships

From increased brand loyalty and trust to the development of a consistent brand narrative, long-term partnerships provide a platform for deeper engagement and authentic storytelling. This approach allows influencers to become genuine advocates for the brand, fostering a more profound connection with their audience. As the partnership matures, influencers gain an in-depth understanding of the brand, aligning their content seamlessly with the brand’s values. In turn, this synergy contributes to a more impactful and enduring presence in the minds of consumers.

As our world of social media, marketing, and content creation continues to change and evolve rapidly, the need for brands to stay adaptable in our current digital landscape is more important than ever. Utilizing content creators is one way to do this with ease and creativity.  If you still need to, we strongly encourage you to leverage these trends to create impactful and successful influencer marketing campaigns for YOUR brand and business. 

If you’d like assistance entering the world of Influencer Marketing, AG Creative can help. We’re eager to be your partner in achieving brand excellence.  Contact us today!

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