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If you are looking for a way to help represent your company, brand, or to tell your customers about a new product or service you are offering – then you may want to consider the benefits of videography.  Videography has played a significant role in terms of brand-specific marketing for many years.  However, it has grown in popularity due to social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.

What is Videography?

So what exactly is videography?  It is the practice or art of recording images with a video camera.  Videography can look like a social media video of 10-45 seconds to a 30-60 second commercial to a 30-minute TV show production.  There are several uses when it comes to videography and how to properly execute the videography production process.  If you are not familiar with the process you may want to turn to a production company such as ours, Two Stories Media.  You may also use a marketing agency such as Alyssa Gay Consulting to help ensure that the video best represents your business. Knowing which channels to use to deliver your videography project to your audience is also key.  

Types of Videography

From the viewpoint of a production company, we are tasked with aiding in a wide variety of clients. Typically, this is by either creating unique content or providing a crew along with gear to aid an agency and/or a producer.  There are many benefits of videography for your business or organization. Your marketing goals will determine the best type of videography.

There are event videos, commercials, social media, and overviews – just to name a few.  Event videos are media content centered around an event taking place. Most of the time consisting of an education curriculum or a fundraiser.  During event videos, it is common for us to provide one or two videographers to capture the event and showcase what it is like to attend. Traditionally in a 2-3 minute highlight video, for marketing that event in future years. 


Most commercials range between 30-60 seconds and have a targeted message. These can be as specific as a singular product or on the entire company.  Social media videos are generally 10-45 seconds long, short-form videos. These tend to be a little more lively, free-flowing, yet 100% on brand. Social media can be the wild wild west when it comes to what content catches your viewer’s eye; but the important thing to note here is social media videos still have a purpose. You can even take long-form content from the past and create teasers or smaller message videos to fit on social media. 

Overview Videos

Overview videos are generally 90 seconds or longer and tell a broader story behind a product, service, or entity. Think of it as a video that explains everything that you would find on a website, just in a more compelling way for visual learners. Videos for marketing purposes are an ever-growing component for businesses and brands. Just because something did, or did not, work once before does not mean that will always be the case. As new platforms arise, such as Instagram Reels or TikTok, there will be new methods of getting information across. We personally have started a series called Talking Stories with Two Stories Media specifically targeted to Instagram feed and stories, which we tweak every so often while knowing that we may need to completely revamp one day for a new platform. 

Which format of videography is right for your business?

When you are unsure of what format of videography is right for you or your brand,  you can always turn to a production company like Two Stories Media or to a marketing agency like Alyssa Gay Consulting to help navigate you through the process to find the right fit for you and your target audience.

Two Stories Media had the honor to work with Trade Mark Interiors.  The link below showcases the commercial videography production project we did with them.

Want to learn more about how videography will benefit your business? Reach out to Two Stories Media today!

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