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AG Creative

About the brand

Formerly known as Alyssa Gay Consulting, AG Creative is an award-winning boutique creative marketing agency that specializes in branding, brand strategy, influencer marketing, and digital marketing, to name a few of our services. 

2021 brought expansive growth for AG Creative; from the clients we worked with to how we were able to serve each of their unique needs, we realized we had to really stretch ourselves. We added a creative department and began offering branding services, unveiled influencer marketing services, and grew our team internally to best meet our clients’ needs.

So why re-brand if our business was growing? It’s vital to the success of your business that your mission and vision match the persona you are portraying to your target market. With the addition of new services, we realized that we needed to adapt to the new type of business we were growing into: one that was creative, bold, and a solutions-based business.

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Our Process

AGC’s previous logo & brand identity utilized condensed, simplified fonts alongside a contemporary, detailed bee element. The color palette evoked a “classic” and “educational” feel, which worked well to get AGC off the ground, but we soon found ourselves outgrowing this visual appearance. While we do aim to educate our clients, we realized that our long-term vision was shifting as a brand. We used a modern, refined serif font in black that evoked creativity, taste, and quality. The logo overall is polished, ambitious, and speaks to our desire to lead clients into being leaders in their industry. 

We rounded out our branding with supporting elements like luxe patterns, textures, and sleek graphics that highlight the overall feel of AGC. Ultimately, we want our clients, and future clients, to feel inspired, important, and transformed after working with AG Creative. So infusing our visuals with elements that spark that inspiration helps reinforce that feeling for our brand!

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