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D’Marie is a beverage company located out of Chargin Hills, OH. Their best selling product, Frappe Vino is a one of a kind product that allows you to turn any wine, champagne, or spirits into a slush WITHOUT having to use a blender or any other machine. Delicious, refreshing, and the perfect way to unwind!

Content Creation Days include:


AGC began working with D’Marie in the middle of 2022. One of D’Marie’s main goals in their strategy was to forgo using stock photos in their marketing efforts and use photos that truly spoke to not only their product, but also the fun experience the brand offers. 

To achieve this goal, AGC works to style, create, and produce monthly content creation days specifically featuring D’Marie and their products in use. 

This creates a strong brand identity for D’Marie and truly allows the experience of their product to shine through within their marketing efforts.

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