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Jordyn Bailey

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Jordyn Bailey is a Kartra expert and biz bestie for all things tech, systems, and strategies. Jordyn is the professional who comes in and organizes everything that isn’t working for her clients; from outdated strategies to inefficient systems, she has the expertise needed to help set her clients up for success. When we began to develop her brand values, mission, and purpose, we discovered that her primary desire is to bring joy and time back to her clients. Marketing herself to female entrepreneurs, Jordyn understands how many of her clients are juggling multiple roles and family responsibilities, all while trying to build a business. It was important to her that her clients and target market see her as friendly, positive, and that working with her is going to be nothing less than a fun experience.

Jordyn’s personal energy is evident from the get go; we pursued a brand identity that highlighted that energy by choosing a bright, colorful palette. Jordyn’s primary logo is inviting but fun, with movement in the logo itself due to the different sizes of the letters in her name. Breaking down the lines of text in her primary logo is playful and also shows Jordyn’s values of support, partnership, and connection when building client relationships.

the services

Brand Elements

Her custom illustrations and elements bring memorability to her branding. The brand element is a play on coffee bean, as Jordyn communicated that she wants her personal business style to feel similar to meeting a friend at a coffee shop. The “bean” is the “O” in her name, which is a cheeky call-back to her primary logo. The custom pattern reinforces that playful, inviting nature of her brand, elevating her brand visuals. And finally, we created some text “stamps” that she can use in graphics, marketing materials, her website and more. “Let’s Do This” and “f&@k yes” are brand relevant and communicate who Jordyn is to her clients. All of these elements help make her brand versatile and memorable.

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