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MRM Career Coaching

About the brand

MRM Career Coaching is a career coaching business aimed at professional woman and new moms. MRM coaches are experts in their fields with more than a decade of management, coaching, and HR experience. With backgrounds in tech, luxury hospitality, academia, staffing and more, MRM coaches bring their expertise and passion for navigating and thriving in corporate to help guide women to success.

When we began working with MRM Career Coaching, owner Meredith Mitnick felt that she had outgrown her company’s current set of visuals simply because the audience she desired to reach had become more targeted. Instead of leaving herself open to whoever needed career coaching, MRM wanted to hone in on a specific demographic to build her success as a career coaching business. She also recognized that her current visuals weren’t creating the brand perception that she knew she needed to hit this demographic. ⠀

That’s where we stepped in. MRM needed the expertise of our team to achieve their career goals- specifically women who were trying to navigate the responsibilities of motherhood and a career.

services provided:


Once we determine who the MRM brand needed to speak to, visuals were created that reach that target audience and gave our client a sustainable competitive advantage. In the case for MRM Career Coaching, we wanted their visuals to reflect the confidence and clarity their clients are searching for in their careers. Therefore, our graphic collateral is clean and structured, but feminine and modernized. The finishing touch on MRM’s logo is the nod to the North Star; since MRM’s tagline speaks to helping each client find their way in their careers, we designed the visuals so that each interaction clients have with MRM subtly reminds them of this mission.

MRM Career Coaching predominately work in the virtual and digital world. As a result, their products and services needed to be accessible to a remote audience while still maintaining their personality and reflect the values and mission of the MRM Career Coaching brand. We designed custom graphic collateral that focused on the following:

Product (what the client offers):

  • One-on-One coaching
  • Courses
  • Career intensives
  • Workshops


Environment (where the client works):

  • Website
  • Social channels
  • Blog
  • Presentations/Videos


All of MRM’s graphics, workbooks, presentations, and other collateral materials are prepared specifically for the virtual audience in mind. 

Before working with AGC, I felt like my brand didn’t really represent my company or ideal clients – really it was nice, but just a little blah. Enter AGC and WOW! First of all, I felt like a total VIP – like the CEO of a Fortune 500 company – the way they showed up & treated me.

Their process is so thorough and tailored to your company that they dig deep into what makes your company unique. Everything from the imagery, colors, logo, language – and so much more! With this new brand, I even gained the confidence to really put MRM out there even more and I’m having an amazing response. Thank you, AGC!

– Meredith Mitnick, founder & owner MRM Career Coaching

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