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PAINT Nail Bar is a luxury nail salon. However, PAINT does not look, feel, or smell like a traditional nail salon. From their custom-built furniture to their odorless environment, unparalleled staff development and engagement strategies. Nails may be the trade, but relationships and client experience are the business.

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AGC has been working with PAINT on their influencer marketing strategy since the end of 2020. The introduction to influencer marketing with the PAINT brand began as a small campaign, hosted locally by the HQ location right here in Sarasota, FL. During this small campaign our team was able to oversee and analyze the successes of the campaign to be able to launch it on a national brand level.

As of August of 2022, AGC has managed over 25 national campaigns for individual PAINT locations throughout the country and has partnered with over 1000 influencers. With multiple campaign strategies, each PAINT location has the option to be able to curate their campaign to perform successfully within their local, target market.

“Working with AGC for our influencer marketing (but also working with them overall) has been a huge weight off of our shoulders… AGC has found and curated relationships with some hyper-local influencers, and because of that, we’ve learned just how small the influencer community is. These relationships pay in dividends, beyond just the one-on-one contact; because these communities support each other, we’ll have influencers influence other influencers who will come in, of their own volition, and organically post about their experience. It’s surprising how many people rely on IG as a referral source, and the number of people who have said they saw a post on a local influencer’s story or feed is remarkable.” 

-Amber and Kevin Donohoo PAINT Arlington

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