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Pinnacle chiropractic

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Pinnacle Chiropractic is a pre-natal and pediatric chiropractic practice serving families in Lakewood Ranch. From expecting moms to their youngest patients, their warm, welcoming space and team strive to make each appointment feel less like an office visit and more like a visit with a friend. They pride themselves on working to find the root cause of health issues so that they can be corrected at the source. Pinnacle utilizes gentle and natural techniques, in order to help their patients live a healthier life.

Their previous visual identity took the brand far, but as their client-base and vision grew, their visuals needed an upgrade. Our team iterated a few directions, but as the process evolved, we re-evaluated their needs and realized alongside the Pinnacle owners, that their main “hand” element was so integral to their brand’s purpose, that we incorporated it into the new identity. With the new look, expanded color palette, and branded elements, Pinnacle Chiropractic’s upgraded visual identity is sure to make a lasting impression with their target audience.

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Our brand refresh focused on elevating their current logo elements into a look that would focus on simplicity, tenderness, and care. We took their old handprint logo and created a clean, monoline brandmark that is immediately recognizable and speaks to their brand mission of being warm and welcoming.

Since they were moving into a new office space during the time of our brand design process, we build in several wallpaper options for them to use in their new space, inspired by a wall in their old office where they encouraged young patients to draw and doodle on the wall. Inspired by the childlike lines and swirls, we created a swirl pattern that is now featured inside their office space in their new building.  

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