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Sota Creative is an up and coming photography business serving clients and businesses in the Sarasota-Bradenton area. Keen to stay away from the impersonal, posed photography common within the industry, it was important that Sota Creative’s brand identity be inviting and approachable, highlighting the intent to leverage their client’s imagination and desire to create as well. Ultimately, this supportive, collaborative approach is what will lead clients to choose Sota Creative over their competitors.

Intent on capturing candid, intimate moments, the brand leans into warm, feminine tones evoking not only the artistic beauty of the brand, but also promises the quality that Sota Creative delivers its clients. The brand’s owner, Hallie Harris, was born and raised in Minnesota before settling in Florida in her adult life. This move not only signified her personal growth, but the development of her passion for inspiring others to showcase their own artistic creativity through partnership with Sota Creative. She felt it personally important to display this growth in her brand, which we made subtle hints to throughout the logo, color palette, and even her brand patterns.

The logos contain a brand mark of two half circles surrounding a full circle, both bringing to mind the movement of a camera shutter as well as a rising and setting sun, highlighting Hallie’s move from one part of the country to another. Her brand patterns feature various elements of her brand, but most importantly, incorporating the states of Minnesota and Florida into a terrazzo-style pattern that is fun, feminine, and organic, perfectly portraying Sota Creative’s brand personality and values in terms of the quality and emotional feel she brings to her clients.

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Brand elements

Since Hallie’s origins in Minnesota and eventual move to Sarasota were the major grounding factors in developing Sota Creative, we used photos from both locations as a source of inspiration for the brand’s color palette. Sota Creative’s brand typography utilizes san serif fonts, enhancing the brand’s inviting, comforting personality. We included on serif font, but it is a “soft” serif, serving to stand out as the brand’s main display font. The artistic details for Sota Creative’s elements perfectly portray the brand’s creative yet grounded identity.

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