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The AGNT Group is a luxury real estate group that specializes in properties local to the Sarasota-Bradenton area. With their extensive knowledge of the area, The AGNT Group aspires to be the leading choice amongst home buyers and sellers and lead the industry in mentoring the next generation of real estate professionals. 

Prior to working with AG Creative, The AGNT Group was more of a personal brand of founder + lead agent, Lyndsey Ashley. Wanting to move away from her name being prominently featured in the brand itself, AG Creative workshopped a variety of possible names for her business refresh. Ultimately, we created The AGNT Group to represent their vision of creating a business that will lead and mentor future agents and does not limit them to a particular region of real estate operations. 

But perhaps our biggest challenge was how we elevate the brand so that The AGNT Group can work with a more targeted, niche audience. Comprised of mostly high-end, second-time home buyers, we wanted the visual branding to speak for itself. It should appeal to luxury buyers looking to build their wealth and leave a lasting legacy.

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As The AGNT Group works primarily with buyers and sellers in the luxury real estate market, the visual identity needed to reflect the refined, luxury qualities of a high-end brand. As such, our color palette is vibrant but elevated, and the logo utilizes sans serif typography that highlights clean lines and confidence.

Our color palette is reflective of the home-base of the Florida coast, but is not your typical coloring associated with that area. We infused the sophistication of the blue, copper, and gold into every element of their brand, from the custom textures and patterns that will accent marketing materials, to the logo itself.

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