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The social warehouse

About the brand

Located in downtown St. Petersburg, The Social Warehouse is an experiential selfie studio catering to content creators, influencers, and businesses in the area. Their mission is simple: to collaborate and create. The Social Warehouse provides clients with seasonal, curated backdrops designed specifically for creating content and strengthening community relationships. 

We established the brand’s foundation on their mission, vision, and long-term goals, utilizing brand archetypes, keywords, and identifying its target market. This foundation inspired our team to create a visual identity that reflected TSW’s creatively ambitious ethos. We built branding that was professional yet sophisticated and artistic, and spoke to the brand’s desire to be a leader in the content creation industry. Wanting to highlight the creative spirit of The Social Warehouse, we aimed to design an identity that spoke for itself. With other selfie studios in the area, The Social Warehouse’s branding needed to reflect the high-end, custom vibe that will be a part of every aspect of their brand and studio space. 

services provided:


The owners of TSW wanted a logo that reflected their ambitious business mission, but was also minimal, modern, and creative. We created a custom wordmark unique to their brand and paired it with an elegant modern font. The custom wordmark combines the “S” and “W” in the brand’s name in a way that is seamless yet recognizable, highlighting the brand’s values of creativity, discovery, and community.

Branded assets like color palettes, typography, and custom illustrated elements help brands establish a memorable connection and portray their personality to your target market. For TSW, dark, romantic tones so that the color palette inspires curiosity and creative inspiration. Since TSW also operates out of a physical space, the visual identity needed to incorporate elements that would reinforce the brand experience for clients as they engage with the space. Therefore, we created a custom patterned wallpaper using their branded wordmark that is now featured as a main focal point in their studio.

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