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Trade mark interiors

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Trade Mark Interiors is a full-service luxury interior design firm located in Sarasota, FL. We started our results-driven strategy with Trade Mark Interiors in 2019. They came to AGC wanting to expand their social media footprint as well as incorporate other marketing strategies such as email marketing, website management, and blog curation.

Trade Mark Interiors’ mission and goal is to provide luxury interior design services to those looking to build a new construction home or renovate an existing home in the local Sarasota market and beyond. Our goal and mission here at AGC for Trade Mark Interiors is to elevate their content to curate, promote, and inspire with their stunning luxurious designs, to not only other designers around the country, but to potential local clients as well.

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Through the years as Trade Mark Interiors has grown internally as a design group and externally within the community, their strategy has grown and expanded alongside them. Over time we have expanded to additional marketing services such as personalized content creation, Youtube oversight, print ads and marketing, and more. AGC has been able to take Trade Mark Interiors to the next level in their buzzworthy results.

The team at AGC exceeded our expectations in our brand refresh after 22 years in business. The logo, fonts, and colors are perfect for our vision moving forward and keeping us relevant. Our brand package is professional, thoughtful, and most importantly, speaks to our mission. 

– Tracee Murphy, CEO & Principal Designer

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