Today, we’re highlighting our work with Fredericksburg Chiropractic. (It’s been a minute since we’ve done one of these, but we promise to get better at it!) Our team has been working with them and providing social media management, SEO strategy, website copywriting, and blog writing.

About Fredericksburg Chiropractic

Fredericksburg Chiropractic was founded in 2013 by Dr. James McKinney. After completing his education, Dr. Mckinney moved back to his hometown of Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania, and realized the need for more natural and holistic healthcare. He opened FBC to solve this problem. FBC offers a wide range of chiropractic services, including chiropractic adjustments, decompression, migraines, neuropathy, massage therapy, nutrition, and more. Fredericksburg Chiropractic focuses on whole-body health and wellness.

The Services

The team at Alyssa Gay Consulting has been working with Fredericksburg Chiropractic since January 2019. Initially, we started with an SEO audit while they were rebuilding their site with Whiteley Designs. AGC also provided the website copy for their new site. We then assisted in the implementation of their new SEO strategy and wrote the copy for their website. We also regularly wrote blog posts to supplement their SEO strategy. AGC was later brought on for social media management for their Facebook page.

No matter what services we offer, we always start with an initial audit. This allows us to set a good baseline for our subsequent analytic reports. It also allows us to discuss your goals, see what your marketing efforts have been, and create a comprehensive strategy to help you meet and exceed your goals.

The Results

The results have been so exciting to see! We have provided monthly analytic reports so that the team at Fredericksburg Chiropractic can see how our social media management is helping them reach new patients, as well as what content most resonates with their patients.

In 8 months, the results have been astounding!

  • 10.5% increase in organic followers
  • Met and exceeded follower count goal – and continuing to increase!
  • Organic website traffic increased
  • Users increased in targeted audience demographics 
  • Reach per post increased
  • Increase in direct messenger inquiries 
  • Engagement rate has consistently been at least double the industry standard!

By writing relevant, topical blog posts and sharing those on Facebook, we were able to consistently increase and send organic traffic to the website. These blog posts are great evergreen content on Fredericksburg Chiropractic’s site and show the knowledge and skills of the doctors there. This means that not only are they continuing to resonate with their current followers and patients, but they are also attractive to potential patients, too.

So, how does this translate into success for Fredericksburg Chiropractic? Well, they’ve since hired 2 new doctors and are building a new office building to help keep up with the demand of their practice!

We have absolutely loved working with Fredericksburg Chiropractic and providing them with fantastic results! Cheers to you, FBC! 

*Note: Results may vary and cannot be guaranteed. 

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