Today, we’re featuring the work we did with Zoomies Pet Care. Zoomies Pet Care is a pet-sitting, boarding, and grooming facility based in Georgia. That’s right – you don’t have to be local or in the same state for us to work together!

Zoomies initially started as a mobile pet-sitting service. Jessica, the owner and founder, contacted me because they were getting ready to expand into having a facility. That means that they were getting ready to have more product offerings as well as a larger service area. Jessica knew that she needed to have an update and refresh of the search engine optimization (SEO) on the Zoomies website. That’s where we came in.

The Process

We started with an initial audit of the present SEO. This included reviewing keywords, meta descriptions, Google Analytics, and more. The audit showed that while there was a little bit of SEO completed on her site, it was not comprehensive or updated to fit her business at the time. It also revealed that she did not have an active Google Analytics account, or Google Search Console, and the sitemap wasn’t submitted to search engines.

Once the audit process was complete, we conducted research based on Zoomie’s needs and goals and created an action plan. We immediately implemented our action plan, which included: Google Analytics & Search Console, added meta descriptions to site pages, updated page titles for consistency, updated SEO keywords, updated her business listing information, and added alternative text to photos.

We worked with Zoomies for six months and provided monthly monitoring and reporting. During this time, Zoomies grew and expanded. Because we were working with them on a monthly basis, we were able to adjust their SEO keywords to reflect their growth.

The first month was spent working on implementing and updating Zoomies’ SEO. We also completed some general website updates that ensured that the site was user-friendly and gave the most accurate information for users. After that, we began seeing amazing results!

The Results

Initially, Zoomies did not appear in the top five pages for the common search terms. By the third month, they were getting page ranks! By the sixth month, their location listing moved up to the top ten locations and they were ranking for various search terms on pages 1, 2, and 3!

Thanks to the updates that we completed, Zoomies had the following results:

  • 49% in new website user increase
  • 83% page view increase
  • 57% increase in users from targeted locations
  • Decrease in bounce rate, and
  • Organic search became their second-highest traffic source (second only to social referrals)

Now those are results that you just can’t argue with! By working with Alyssa Gay Consulting, Zoomies was able to focus on providing the best care to their furry clientele, as well as growing their business!

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(Note: Results vary and are not guaranteed).

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