Faces of Alyssa Gay Consulting: Meet Shannon


Today is an exciting day! We’re kicking off a new blog series, Faces of AGC. This series will feature a different team member so you can get to know the amazing people who work on the team here at Alyssa Gay Consulting. To kick us off, we’re introducing you to Shannon Savaglio, our customer care & project manager! 


Shannon is the *most* fun to work with! She always brings joy, positivity, and a can-do attitude to whatever we throw her way. She’s always good for a laugh and a GIF. We truly don’t know how our team would ever function without her! Without further ado, read on to get to know Shannon.

Where is your hometown? Kenosha, Wisconsin 

What is your Alma Mater? I started at North Central University in Minneapolis, MN and then transferred to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. I never ended up graduating from College. 

How did you get started at Alyssa Gay Consulting? Alyssa found me through another client on Instagram and we chatted about her needs and it seemed like a great fit!

What do you do at AGC? I manage client relationships, manage tasks and projects, assist with hiring of account managers, create and implement systems & workflows, assist with monthly social analytics, and tell Alyssa what to do? and I also take my role as master of GIFs VERY seriously.

What has your career looked like so far? I graduated from high school at 17, did a year and a half of college, dropped out, and started as an executive assistant at 18, and was in that role in corporate America for a little over 5 years. After a few bad experiences, I decided I was done working for someone else so I started my own business as a business assistant in 2018 and haven’t looked back since!!

Describe a day in the life of your role at the Agency: Answer emails, annoy Alyssa with my endless updates in Asana, make sure all of the AGC clients are up to date and are being served well, see if there are any holes in our current systems and workflows and then start working on my task list! Currently, I’m working on making a full set of Standard Operating Procedures, along with setting up the best possible Workflow in our CRM platform!

What’s it like working with the team at AGC? It’s always enjoyable – there’s always something happening, a fun project that Alyssa dreams up, or systems to make better.

Tell us about your family: I have been married for 5 years to Jordan, and we have a little boy, Bennett who is 4.5! 

Favorite way to spend the weekend? Well – currently we are headed into the cold season in Wisconsin… so, my favorite way right now is wrapped up in a blanket and reading a book!

Favorite/Dream Travel Destination: My favorite is anywhere warm. My dream is to go to Ireland/Scotland & Greece.

Favorite Read: Oh gosh! I love love love books, I can’t pick just one!!! Hmm…Thriller favorite: Gone Girl; Non-fiction favorite: Of Mess & Moxie; Fiction favorite: The Hunger Games.

Favorite Listen (Music, Podcast, Audiobook, etc.): Music! I am a music nerd, my original plan was to be a music & theatre teacher – so when I work, I listen to a lot of different genres. I probably lean more towards Broadway and movie scores than anything else… or Queen! I love me some Freddy Mercury!

Go-To Coffee Order: I typically order a chai latte with extra pumps of chai or the spiced version if the place has it. If I’m getting coffee, usually a honey latte or caramel latte.

Favorite Hobby/Passion Outside of Work: I like to crochet, I’m currently learning how to do calligraphy on my iPad and I’m also starting to bullet journal – I used to bullet journal all the time a few years ago but I fell out of the habit. I would say my passion is walking the aisles of Target 😉 (Same, girl, same!)


Favorite Holiday: Christmas!!! My birthday is 8 days before Christmas, and I am OBSESSED with Christmas. Do you know the scene in ELF where the toy store is decked with snowflakes and paper chains? That’s what I do to our house for Christmas. I am INSANE. (Actual footage of Shannon below 😉)


What else should we know about you? I have a notebook and pen obsession. I have like 4 notebooks that I’m using at any given time and I always carry around a rainbow pen pack.

Bonus: Because Shannon is the Master of GIFs (seriously – there are full team conversations that happen via GIFs), we wanted to share her favorites…

We hope you enjoyed meeting and getting to know Shannon! Stay tuned for the next blog in the series to get to know the team here at Alyssa Gay Consulting. 

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