Graphic Design and Branding | The Secret Ingredient


Written by our in-house graphic designer Elise Martinez

I may be a little biased, but hear me out. Graphic design and branding is the secret ingredient that makes your business magical. From designing social media graphics to developing and maintaining your brand appearance online, graphic designers are invaluable additions to your team. They provide keys to optimizing your marketing efforts across all channels and communicating your brand to your audience. If you’re in business, you’re in the business of graphic design, and here’s why: 

The Case for Branding: 

So maybe you already have a brand and you’re thinking, I’ve already gone down this road. But chances are, if you don’t have an active designer on your team, your business’s presentation has gone stagnant. Hiring a graphic designer will show you where your business could be more visually impactful and therefore reach more potential clients. Graphic designers are really good at taking in a lot of detail, breaking it down, and rearranging it in a new way that is cohesive and sensible. Calculated branding can put you ahead of competitors and take time off of your hands to do what you do best – running the show. 

People in a Visual World: 

With the continued rise of social media usage, your brand’s visual impact (or lack thereof) speaks volumes to potential clients. First impressions are everything. Ask a friend to go to your website or social media page and tell you what they see. It may be an enlightening exercise, and show you where you need improvement. A designer does just this when they develop brands for businesses. It is our job to make sure that when customers encounter your brand, the customer’s first impression reads of competency and that doing business with you is a good idea. Think of it as meeting someone for the first time – was their handshake firm or was it weak? And how did that make you feel? 

A Firm Handshake:

So you say, Alright I’m convinced and I’m going to work with a graphic designer. What are they going to do to my brand? There are several key elements to branding that a designer is going to look at first. 

  • Your logo – Does your logo accurately communicate the core essence of your business? Was it thoughtfully crafted or purchased from a faceless designer you found on Fiverr? 
  • Color palette and typography – I am lumping these two together not because they are not important, but because they serve a similar function. They are the visual tools utilized to consistently reinforce your brand. When you create social media graphics, you should be using branded colors and the same 2-3 fonts in each post. Otherwise, your followers will not recognize where the message is coming from. 
  • Defined visual voice – What is the tone of your business? Are you a serious company (healthcare provider, utility company, law office) or is your business more playful (children’s boutique, crafting supply company, salon)? A designer is going to design around this tone, taking into account your company’s mission and branded photography that also communicates this message. 

These elements are a small portion of the entire branding process that a graphic designer will help you navigate. Business coach Kristin Zhivago is fond of saying, “Branding is the promise that you make, your brand is the promise that you keep.” Designers are valuable components to your business keeping its promise. 

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