How To Prep For A Brand Photoshoot


Guest Blog by Brittany E Photography

Hey everyone! I’m so excited to be writing about the topic of brand photoshoots for Alyssa. One of my favorite photography services for my company, Brittany E Photography, is branding sessions. These are SO important for business owners, and it’s even more important to plan ahead once you’ve nailed down your brand photoshoot date! I want to provide some helpful tips and clarity today on exactly how to prep for these types of shoots. Because, believe me, they don’t just “happen” magically.

Prepping For Your Brand Photoshoot

1.     First, Decide & Have A Plan In Place

Before even booking your photographer, you need to decide what type of style and shoot you want for your branding session. Are you mostly interested in flat-lays? Would you rather do an in-home office shoot? Or, would running around town to multiple locations to suit your content needs better? Sit down and figure out what type of content you’re looking for, and then choose your photographer based on his/her talents and style.

2.     Pick Out All The Things

Next, pack everything you’re going to take the day before, or even the week leading up to, your shoot. I’m talking multiple outfits, props, tools you work with often, books you love and reference, random things you want to be photographed that speak to your brand, donuts, baskets, blankets… you get the idea. Don’t skimp, either! Bring it all!

3.     Think About The Content You Want To Create

This is HUGE when prepping for your shoot. What holidays are coming up? Do you have any business milestones/anniversaries that you want to have something special to post? Are you doing client gift-bags that need to be photographed? This is a good time to get all of that done and ready for marketing.

4.     Hydrate & Stop For Breaks

On shoot day, plan small half-hour breaks throughout the day. You’ll need to recompose and possibly even stop somewhere to refresh your hair and/or makeup so that your photos look fresh all day long, especially if you live in Florida like me!

5.     Self-Care!

If you ever needed a reason… PLEASE get 7-8 hours of sleep the night before your shoot. Beauty rest is a real thing, ya’ll! And you’ll feel energized for the hundreds of photos you’re going to be taking. The day before, treat yourself to a manicure and/or blowout so you’re feeling extra sassy.

That’s it! A lot of love and work goes into branding shoots behind the scenes. But when you’re all finished and you’re looking at your edited photos, it’s SO wonderful and reassuring to know that you have months-worth of relevant, creative content for weeks and months to come. No more scrambling and leaning toward stock imagery. That’s not you! Your business is worth more than that! Any other questions on this, feel free to email me at Thanks for taking the time to read, everyone! Happy prepping! 

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