With the holiday shopping season approaching, having an email marketing campaign strategy in place is vital to stand out from the competition and reward loyal customers. Here are some tips for implementing your holiday email strategy!

Why Email Marketing?

  • High ROI: According to Salesforce, email marketing has an average return on investment of 3,800%. This is significantly higher than other digital marketing platforms! 
  • Personalization: A lot of marketing can seem general and impersonal. Email marketing is great because of the personalization it offers. You can include recipient’s first names or segment audiences based on different demographics, including their purchase history!
  • Segmentation: Speaking of segmentation, email marketing tools offer great segmentation options. Make sure you are taking advantage of this and targeting your emails appropriately. 
  • Retargeting: Did someone abandon their cart while shopping? Or maybe you want to offer an extra discount to your most loyal shoppers? Retargeting programs make this easy and efficient. 
  • Automation: Creating automated email funnels might be a lot of work upfront, but it can be so worth it! Automations hit all of the best parts of email marketing: personalization, segmentation, and targeting. 

Holiday Email Marketing Tips

  • Be festive. This goes without saying, but lean into the holiday spirit. Include festive graphics and sayings in your emails, no matter what the holiday is. 
  • Mobile friendly. 31% of purchases are now made via mobile devices. Make sure your email is responsive to fit any screen type. Most email marketing programs will do this already, but it’s always good to double check. 
  • Branded graphics and images. All images and graphics should fit your brand. If you are not able to hire a graphic designer yet, you can use a program like Canva to input your fonts and colors so everything you use is brand standard. 
  • Clear call to action in subject line and body of email. Do not make people hunt in your email for what the sale or offer is. Make sure it is clearly stated in the subject line and in the email itself. Make any buttons easy to click and make sure all links are going to the right landing page. 

Holiday Email Content Ideas

  • Gift guide: Put together a gift guide for your audience. This is a great way to kick off your holiday marketing campaign and get people excited. You can also cross-promote this on your social channels. 
  • Offers: Clearly state any discounts, free shopping, gift with purchase, etc. that you are offering shoppers. 
  • Contest or giveaway: The holidays can be a fun time to do a contest or a giveaway. 
  • Referral program: If you have a referral program, make sure you are highlighting it in your emails and consider doing something extra for your best referrers! 
  • Highlight local events: Use your emails to highlight any local holiday events or things happening in your community. 

If you haven’t started building an email list yet, you can start right now. MailChimp has a free tier where you can start collecting email addresses and sending out newsletters. Don’t be tempted to purchase any email lists! That is the fastest way to get flagged as spam. (While we are on the subject, don’t purchase any social media followers either!) 

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