How To Partner with Influencers for Your Business


Over the past few months, we have had the pleasure of working with not only great brands but also great influencers. Influencers provide not only great photographic content but also a true and unique voice as to how they view the services and products our clients are offering. We’re sharing our tips for how to partner with influencers for your business so that you have successful campaigns!

While working so closely with influencers one of the biggest struggles that influencers seem to face is not only how to pitch themselves to a brand, but if they are also the right influencer for the campaign. 

When we work with our clients we help them curate a list of influencers that we think will best fit their needs for the goals of their brand campaign. This is an extremely important piece of the influencer puzzle. If we were to partner our client with the wrong influencer, it could do far more harm than good. 

A few things our team takes into account when partnering our clients with influencers include an influencer’s market, voice & authenticity, their audience, and of course, their analytics.

An Influencer’s Market

Influencers will often share about a variety of different topics such as fashion, food, wellness, parenthood, and MUCH more. However, one of these topics will far exceed the others on their feed. 

For example, if we are looking to partner with our client, who is branding some type of food item, we more than likely would not pair them with an influencer whose primary focus is fashion haul-try-ons.

We want the influencer’s audience to be fully engaged with whatever content they are sharing but if an audience doesn’t feel as if the influencer is TRULY a user or believer in the brand, they most definitely will not be either.

Influencer’s Voice & Authenticity 

Influencers’ voices and the way they share the important pieces of their life is truly the aspect that drives that audience to their little space on the internet.

We will often ask ourselves, “What sets them apart from the crowd?  Are they truly sharing items/things/memories that are important to them?  Is their feed filled with sponsored content?”

Authenticity is one of the most important things an influencer can obtain. It allows their audience to trust them and it allows brands to trust them as well. 

Do their analytics align with your campaign goals?

If your goal is to reach a wide target market with a LARGE audience; partnering with a micro-influencer who often shares local content may not be the best fit for you.

It is important to not only know the geographic reach of your influencers’ audience but also their ages and gender as well. Marketing a men’s product or service to an audience of 95% women would not make the most of your marketing dollars or give you a good ROI.

How Engaged is their Audience?

Audience size such as follower count is important, but it’s how engaged the influencer is with their audience that is the most important aspect.
Do they have 15,000 followers but average about 50 likes per post?

Do they reply and engage with their followers in the comment section of their content? 

Having an engaged audience is just as important as having a trusting audience. You really cannot have one without the other.

Are they in your budget?

When planning and designing a campaign the best place to start is by establishing a budget. What are you able to provide or pay the influencers for their time and efforts in marketing your brand or product? Will you provide only trade services? Pay each influencer a flat rate. Will you offer both?

Knowing and having a bottom line of what your company can offer an influencer for their services will determine the type of influencer you will be able to contract.

We at AGC understand it’s A LOT to think about when partnering your brand with an influencer, especially if you are looking to partner with multiple people during a specific campaign.

AGC has put in countless hours into researching multiple markets and managing multiple client campaigns on a local, regional, and national level.
We can help you not only design the perfect campaign but help you through each step of the process from research to contracts to analytics, while you sit back and watch your ROI skyrocket!

To discuss an Influencer Campaign for your brand or business,  contact us to schedule a consultation call today! 

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