Hi there!

Nice to meet you! I’m Alyssa Gay and I am so excited for the official launch of my business, Alyssa Gay Consulting!

I started AGC after much deliberation, pro and con lists, and thoughtful discussions. I come from a family of entrepreneurs. Their businesses range from make up artistry, to restaurants, to accountants, custom woodworkers, and everything in between. I’ve also worked within an entrepreneurial co-working hub. While there, I worked with a number of different entrepreneurs and businesses all in their “start up” stages. These businesses ranged from event planning and vintage rentals, education, bakeries, to film studios and more. I left the entrepreneurial and small business world for a corporate job and quickly learned that that lifestyle wasn’t for me and found myself working for a small, family business again.

In addition to this work experience, I studied business and entrepreneurship, alongside my communication courses, at the University of Florida. After graduating UF, searching for my dream job (and truthfully, having the door slammed in my face more times than I care to count), I decided it was time for me to create my dream job. Between family members’ businesses and my own job history, you could say that entrepreneurship runs in my blood – but the idea of running my own business was always daunting. Each of these entrepreneurs, whether former bosses, family members, or friends, have shown me determination, devotion, and drive. Each have played an integral role as mentors and guided me to where I am today.

Working for start ups, I learned quickly that we are the go-getters. We cannot rely on others to run different aspects of the business and budgets are tight. So, I often turned to social media and digital marketing when working with these companies. These entrepreneurs and small businesses often do not have the knowledge or time to spare to tend to their social media and digital marketing. That’s where I come in. Pair this need, with my experience, education, and dedication, and Alyssa Gay Consulting is born.

Alyssa Gay Consulting is a boutique social media & digital marketing agency that aims to help businesses create and implement comprehensive and successful digital strategies. Whether you are in need of a complete social media & digital marketing strategy & implementation, a ghost writer for your blog, an updated logo, training for your staff, or something else, I am your go to when it comes to social media and digital marketing for your business or campaign.

On the blog, stay tuned for client and campaign features, conference and continuing education updates, as well tips and tricks for your own social media & digital marketing! If you have any questions or want to work together, send me a note.

Thank you for joining me on this journey!

Chat soon,

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