Is AG Creative The Right Marketing Agency For Your Business

Is AG Creative The Right Marketing Agency For Your Business?


The short answer may be YES; however, let us first tackle why you may need a marketing agency or an in-house marketing team in the first place.  Your current situation may look something like this…  You realize you need to be more visible on social media, you would like to communicate to your customers monthly about sales incentives, share what new product or service you are offering, and you have a website but are your potential customers seeing it?  Does any of this resonate with you? You have every intention to work on marketing your business effectively.  Yet, most of the time marketing falls somewhere near the bottom of your to-do list.  Sound about right?

In-House Marketing vs. Marketing Agency

In-House Marketing

Suppose you seriously thought about developing a marketing team for your business. In that case, you may have started weighing the pros and cons of outsourcing your marketing or having a marketing team in-house.  The pros and cons of this evaluation will be different for each business.  For many businesses marketing teams look like the following:

  • Small to Medium Sized Business (SMB): 5-100 Employees
  • Midsized Business: 101-1,000 Employees
  • Enterprise: 1,000+ employees (not including the massive Fortune 500 orgs)
(Data From Hubspot – Examples For Different Marketing Team Structures Can Be Found Here)

Having an in-house marketing team can be expensive.  Of course, there are benefits to having an in-house marketing team otherwise companies would not have in-house marketing teams.  Some of the pros that you will find when you search online “What are the benefits of having in-house marketing?” are control, communication, data, and brand alignment.

AG Creative encourages you to weigh out the pros and cons of in-house marketing and working with a marketing agency.  We understand that in-house marketing isn’t the wise choice for all businesses, and the same is true when it comes to marketing agencies. You will know what is best for your business.

Marketing Agency

In today’s world, we can be anywhere at a moment’s notice.  Those very same benefits listed above are also benefits when working with a marketing agency.  There are multiple channels of communication available when you work with AG Creative.  We provide data-driven results monthly.  Brand alignment, we are a full-service marketing agency that provides brand creation and brand management – we will ensure your brand’s vision and messaging are aligned on all your marketing collateral/channels.  However, that “control” piece doesn’t exactly align with AG Creative’s mission, goal, or purpose.  We want to be a collaborating partner for our clients.  Not only do we want to be a collaborating partner, but we consider ourselves to be partners in brand excellence.

Benefits Of Working With AG Creative

The advantages of utilizing a marketing agency go beyond cost. Let’s explore why partnering with an award-winning agency (humblebrag) like AGC can be a game-changer for small businesses.

Cost-efficiency and Expertise

Small businesses often struggle to afford to hire in-house marketing professionals. However, outsourcing to a marketing agency can be a cost-effective solution that provides access to a diverse team of experts. AG Creative’s team of professionals brings specialized skills and experience to the table, ensuring that your marketing efforts are executed with precision and expertise. 

Enhanced Content Strategy

It is crucial to create engaging content that can attract your target audience and increase sales. Nevertheless, small businesses often struggle to create content due to time limitations and other competing priorities. AGC has a solution to this challenge by developing monthly and quarterly content calendars that follow a structured approach. This strategy ensures that your business consistently produces high-quality content that resonates with your audience, resulting in stronger brand engagement and loyalty.

Fresh Perspective and Adaptability

In-house marketing teams may get stuck in repetitive strategies, which can hinder growth and innovation. By partnering with a marketing agency, you can inject fresh perspectives and insights into your marketing strategy. At AGC, our team of experienced professionals can offer a unique vantage point on customer preferences and trends. This enables your business to stay agile and pivot quickly in response to changing market dynamics.

Optimized Return On Investment (ROI)

Effective marketing requires continuous monitoring and optimization to ensure that resources are being allocated efficiently and campaigns are yielding maximum results. AGC employs a data-driven approach that includes providing monthly reports and conducting quarterly strategy meetings to track performance and identify areas for improvement. By closely analyzing KPIs (key performance indicators) and refining strategies accordingly, AGC helps you maximize your return on investment and drive sustained business growth.

Either of these options can be the right option for your business. We hope you find the team that best fits your business needs and sets you up for continued success.  If you think AG Creative is the right marketing agency for your business, please request a consultation.

We look forward to being your partner in brand excellence.  

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