Is It Time to Update Your Brand?


Most business owners understand that branding is a basic component of doing business; clients need to know what you provide and where they can go to get it. But once a business takes off, you’re likely engaged in the day-to-day responsibilities; hiring and training team members, targeting new customers, and everything in between. Oftentimes, as a company grows or evolves, their brand doesn’t get the same routine attention. An outdated or underperforming brand can really begin to negatively impact your company’s ability to compete. Your brand should be working for you and if not, it’s time to update your brand.

Whether you realize it or not, you are building your brand regardless of whether you are being proactive about it. Setting up a brand is simply not enough. When you sell a product or service, a large part of your brand’s identity is built based on your consumers’ experiences and how they interpret your marketing efforts. This interaction between clients and your brand is a constantly evolving relationship! 

Is Your Brand Working for You?

A few weeks ago, we asked you to picture your favorite coffee shop and think about how interacting with that business impacted your life as a consumer; we considered everything from the emotions you experience, to your perception of their brand as a whole. When observing someone else’s brand, it might be easy to see why they are successful. But have you given your brand the same audit? How do your customers and clients feel when they do business with you? In essence, is your brand working for you? 

Here are a few questions you can use to discover how effectively your brand is working and if it’s time to update your brand:

Can your clients describe your brand or business in three words? 

Ask your customers or business associates to describe your company in three easy words. This should not be what your company provides to clients, but who the essence of your business is. Adjectives like “positivity,” “sophistication,” or “ethical” are examples of what you’re asking for. When you gather these words, be strategic about how you use them in your marketing. Reinforce your brand by using these words in blogs, website copy, and marketing materials. 

Can you define your target audience in one sentence?

Everything your business does should be done with your audience in mind, as they inform the values and behavior of your brand (or at least should be!) Is your audience mainly Gen Z? What is your brand doing to appeal to this demographic? If you don’t have a clear sense of your target audience, working with an agency like AGC can help you determine who it is and how to best reach them!

How do you measure up to your competition?

If we were to pull up the Instagram account for your business and your biggest competitor in your industry, would yours stand out or would theirs? Compare mission values and business to client behavior; are they engaging more with their target audience than you are? 

Are you measuring your brand’s or business’ growth?

When you launched your business, you’ve probably seen growth in clients and revenue, but how about business exposure? Are your social media, email marketing lists, and other client engagement areas growing? Are you attracting or seeking out partnerships with people who can increase your brand, like influencer marketing? All of these are indicators of a growing brand and should be evaluated often!

If you’ve been able to identify areas where your brand could use some assistance, working with an agency can help you make your brand work for you!

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