It truly does go without saying that 2020 offered up a multitude of challenges for everyone.  So many things are shifting in terms of business. Marketing yourself or your company and focusing on the right marketing strategy for your business is more important now more than ever. 

Changing The Game

To give you an idea of how things are changing…  …one super change we are already seeing for 2021 – in terms of companies changing the way they are reaching their audiences is this year’s Super Bowl.  The Super Bowl is one of the largest viewed sporting events in the entire world with 130 countries tuning in.  It is however the highest viewed sporting event for the U.S. Surprisingly to some, there are major brands sitting out during this year’s big game and giving up the highly sought-after ad time. 

USA TODAY shares that “Budweiser plans to donate some of its advertising airtime throughout 2021 to the Ad Council and COVID Collaborative, a coalition of experts in health, education and the economy.” To continue to put this in perspective, CBS has a price tag of $5.5 million for a 30-second spot during this year’s broadcast.  The audience that 2020’s Super Bowl pulled in was over 100 million viewers. With an audience like that, this change definitely speaks volumes.  Of course, there will not be as many Super Bowl parties – but guaranteed people will still be watching.  Want to see a list of other companies that are sitting out during the big game?  Here are ten brands that will not be airing commercials during Super Bowl LV.

With all that being said, what does marketing your company look like this year?  Well, Deloitte’s statement should be top-of-mind for all of us.  “Customers are rewarding companies that authentically— and holistically—meet their needs.”  In terms of Digital Marketing, what should we focus on?

Highlighting Some Digital Marketing Trends To Focus On In  2021

  • We are seeing an increase in live streaming and influencer content.  An example of this is on Facebook, live viewing grew by 50% during periods of lockdown. Instagram saw a 70% increase in views, and of course, practically everyone is on TikTok.
  • We will also be seeing more acts of goodwill and purpose-driven missions from brands.  Brands will be leaning more towards campaigns like Hilton’s – giving away free rooms to healthcare workers.
  • User-generated content is expected to enhance the customer experience.  UGC is successful at creating relationships with customers. When users create and share posts featuring your brand it not only helps to build and strengthen communities it also helps to boost your brand’s credibility.
  • Putting an emphasis on sustainability.  Consumers do care if you are making strides in improving our environment. Make sure you are sharing the ways you are making a difference to help protect our environment with your customers.  Rothy’s is a good example of this, see how they continue to optimize their sustainable efforts.
  • Being inclusive is absolutely essential.  Companies that are seen as being non-inclusive will be impacted this year.  Companies showcasing their interaction with inclusive causes are more likely to continue to improve their connections with customers.
  • We are seeing an increase in voice and visual search.  More people are talking to Alexa these days. There is also an expected increase of people using Google Lens.  Make sure you are prioritizing image alt-text and sitemaps for images. 
  • Podcasts and newsletters are helping brands to connect and create deeper relationships.  Is running a digital audio ad the way to go for you?

Brand Partnerships

Another fruitful marketing tactic is establishing brand partnerships.  There have been some successful partnerships. That can only mean one thing – there will be more on the horizon.  Let’s think about it this way, email marketing can be highly effective and cost-efficient.  Imagine if you were able to join forces with another brand to make your email marketing strategy even more robust.  This will put you in the position of expanding your reach without having to increase your budget.

Not sure what to focus on this year in relation to marketing?  Marketing your company the right way and seeing your marketing efforts paying off can be tricky.  AGC can be the partner you need to create a buzz-worthy strategy and deliver results. We are happy to help!

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