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Are you a business owner who is maybe a little discouraged? Do you feel alone in your struggles? Do you have clients who are not…ideal? Maybe you’ve focused a bit too much on the “fun” and glamorous parts of owning a business and not enough on laying a solid foundation? Curious how to optimize your business so you can work smarter and not harder?

Then my episode on Babecrafted‘s podcast, Babe Behind the Brand,  is for you!

Gina got me talking about all of the fun – and admittedly, not so-fun – parts of owning and running a business. Listen to hear more about how Alyssa Gay Consulting got started, what I’ve done to lay a foundation for the business, and even what my biggest challenge has been! I truly hope that you’ll be able to learn some tips to optimize your business – from administrative tasks to marketing and everything in between.

Bonus – you get 3 actionable SEO tips at the end of the episode!

I would be honored if you tune in! If it resonates with you, leave a comment and share it with others who may be encouraged, too!

Optimize Your Business with Alyssa of Alyssa Gay Consulting

What is Babecrafted?
An action-packed, confidence-boosting girl gang of women who are serious about growing our businesses, giving back, and putting self-care first.

If you’re looking for the ultimate girl gang, then look no further. It has been a blast being part of the group so far and connecting with like-minded boss babes. I encourage you to check out more members & support these amazing, local, woman-owned businesses!

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