PAINT Nail Bar South Sarasota | VIP Grand Opening


PAINT Nail Bar has been changing the game when it comes to your nail salon experience for over 5 years – and is now headed to South Sarasota, FL!

About PAINT: At PAINT, we understand that we are not a “nail salon,” although we do nails. We do not look, feel, or smell like a traditional nail salon. From our custom-built furniture to our odorless environment, unparalleled staff development, and engagement strategies, nails may be the trade, but relationships and client experience are the business.

Our objective is to ensure that at the end of every service, every client feels that going anywhere other than PAINT, the standard having been set, would not be possible or tolerable.

Whether it is cleanliness, color selection, customer service, nail art, environment, attention to detail, or the wonderful energy at PAINT…you name it, we’ve thought of it, developed it, and fine-tuned it based on staff and client feedback.

PAINT South Sarasota is locally owned and operated by Taylor Karp Teymuri!

We are inviting local influencers and content creators to our VIP Grand Opening Event, to be held in late summer 2021. To learn more about this campaign, please reach out to our Director of Brand Partnerships, Hallie, or apply directly! Appointments are limited, so reach out today!

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