We are living in unprecedented times. The world, but even more so – our communities – are dealing with uncertainty and fear. Many businesses have no choice but to close their storefronts and others are trying to figure out how to adapt in this time so they don’t have to close up shop completely.

During this time, it can feel weird to market your business. But – now more than ever, you need to continue marketing! We’re providing 3 tips to help your marketing in a crisis.

Tip 1: Be transparent.

You need to acknowledge what is happening in the world/community. If you don’t acknowledge it and continue on with business as usual, you run the risk of seeming insensitive and spammy.

Apply the situation to your business and customers. Be transparent and let everyone know how this is relevant to and affecting your business. Customers/potential customers need to hear from you to know what to expect from your business. 

  • Are you still open? 
  • Are your hours adjusted? 
  • How are you taking care of your team/current customers? 
  • Is there a delay in shipping your products? 
  • Are you trying to move your business online? 
  • How is your business adapting to the situation? 

These are just some questions that need to be answered so that you can manage your customers’ expectations. Be proactive in communicating this with your customers and providing updates as necessary.

Bonus tip: Keep it short and sweet by recognizing the situation and don’t forget to provide encouragement to your customers.

Tip 2: Don’t stop your plan! Pivot.

If you’ve spent time putting a marketing plan into place, you don’t want to hit the brakes and come to a screeching halt! If you’ve been showing up – whether that is on social media, email marketing, blog posts, etc. – keep showing up! You don’t want to be tone-deaf, so you may need to pivot your content a bit, but continue to share. A lot of people are going to be online more, so continue to serve your customers in this way and enhance your relationships with them.

However, if the situation escalates, you may need to take a step back and re-evaluate. Perhaps an ad campaign or special launch that you have scheduled should be put on pause. Also, (except for very unique circumstances) don’t use this or any crisis situation as a way to sell. That’s just gross.


Bonus tip: Don’t start something new during this time. For example, if you haven’t been using social or digital ads, now is probably not the best time to start those. Stick to what you’ve been doing and with what you know. 

Tip 3: Do what feels right.

Make a list of everything you were working on in your business before this situation started. Cross out the things that are too much – the ones that take up too much energy or feel draining. Circle the ones that feel easy and good.

It’s okay to hit pause on some of your efforts. If you’ve been podcasting every week for years, but it feels like too much, then hit pause. Your customers will be able to read your energy and how you’re feeling. Focus on the tasks or marketing efforts that feel easy and good to you. That will be enough to attract the right people to your business! Remember – when you feel good, your audience feels good!

Even in a crisis, you want and need to bring in money and make sales. So, you have to market your offers well. You can keep your business moving forward by following these tips: transparent communication, continuing to show up, and doing what feels right.

If you have specific questions or would like one-on-one guidance, contact us. We are happy to schedule a free 15-minute call to help you strategize during this time!

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