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About Vertical

Vertical | Design+Build is a relatively new company in Sarasota, but the President and Vice President have a combined 50 years of experience with building custom homes. They have the team and the expertise; they just needed people to know this new business existed. 

Marketing Solutions

This coordinated marketing campaign combines traditional print and digital advertising with targeted digital marketing. Knowing the ideal client and having consistent branding across all platforms results in a flow from ad to social media to website, where potential clients can really get to know the company before inquiring about their specific project. Blog posts provide educational information for those who are interested in building a custom home but aren’t quite sure where to start. 


This strategy resulted in an increase in sales from $6M to $20M within a few short months of implementing these marketing solutions! Here are some more results:

  • 3,212.5% increase in Instagram followers
  • 100% increase in Facebook followers
  • 24.6% increase in social media engagement
  • 68.5% increase in organic reach
  • Steady organic traffic to the website

We also started a successful cross-platform ad campaign with Sarasota Magazine. This is still ongoing, but these are some of the results so far: 

  • 26.97% open rate
  • 2.62% click-through rate
  • 347 website clicks

We believe this is a testament to having good, consistent branding so that every time a potential client sees your business they know exactly what it is that you do. Knowing your ideal client helps ensure that you are not wasting advertising dollars with people who will probably not use your services. 

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